4 Tips for Business Travel


Many up-and-coming executives find they spend excessive amounts of time traveling from city to city and meeting to meeting. In fact, some will admit that they often have trouble remembering what country they are in as they jet across the world, especially if they work for a large corporation. They have learned the tricks and tips of surviving business travel, and they are willing to share them with other travelers.

Avoid checking bags

Business travelers on a full flight may see appeals to gate check their bags. Unless they are on a very small regional carrier, this means that they will have to go to baggage claims to get the bags at the final destination. Instead, try to be in one of the first groups to board the flight. Additionally, divide belongings into two different bags. The one placed in the overhead bin should be extremely flexible allowing the traveler to cram it into any available space while the other one should be more sturdy allowing the traveler to place it under their seat. Even if you’re traveling by car or train, plan on packing as lightly as possible.

Wear simple clothes

Both men and women should consider taking along simple clothes for business trips that look professional, fairly versatile, and require minimal maintenance. Generally, sticking with neutral-colored clothes allows the traveler to wear clothes more than once if it becomes necessary. Wearing the same-colored bottoms allows the traveler to wear a single blazer during the entire trip. Choose shoes carefully so that they can be worn on multiple occasions and are also comfortable if you need to do a lot of walking. Additionally, business travelers should try to wear their heaviest clothes on the flight as this will save room in luggage.

Organize bags

Travelers should have a designated spot for everything in their briefcase, purse, and baggage. This organization allows them to see at a glance if they are leaving anything behind. Since many gadgets use the same cord, do not take multiple cords where it can be avoided. Make sure to take along an electrical plug adapter if traveling to foreign countries where they use a different type of outlet. Travelers may also want to take along a small surge protector to protect expensive gadgets. Organizing your bags keeps everything organized so you know where your belongings are.

Use mobile phone as a hotspot

Eliminate the need to pay for the expensive internet at hotels by using a mobile phone as a hotspot. Travelers should contact carriers before leaving to ensure coverage where company business takes them. If you use a business phone, it’s even easier to create a hotspot. Talk to your company beforehand so they approve you using a hotspot and make sure it’s less expensive than paying for WiFi somewhere else.

Following these tips will certainly make business travel less stressful. You’ll soon find that traveling for business is much less stressful and you might even find traveling to new places enjoyable.


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