About Ari

arimonkarshAri Monkarsh is a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur based in American Fork, Utah. He specializes in locating promising new businesses and turning them into highly profitable enterprises. Ari holds an extensive network of successful professionals, and possesses an effective and novel approach to entrepreneurship.

He started a small company that empowers small businesses with big company resources at affordable prices, and grew it into a steadfast resource with consistent revenue in four years.

Ari Monkarsh acted as the Vice-President of Sales and Business Development for RealtyTrac, the leading online marketplace of foreclosure properties, with more than 1.5 million default, auction and bank-owned listings from over 2,200 U.S. counties. He was able to turn the mid-sized company into a nationally recognized foreclosure expert.

Much of Monkarsh’s success comes from not only his experience in the small business sector, but in his approach to business as a whole. Ari has developed a keen eye for untapped potential within a business and has gained a thorough understanding of how to tap into it. His approach to business as a game has helped him to both love what he does and succeed at the highest levels.

Ari is exceptional at finding and monetizing opportunities, and holds extensive experience in sales, entrepreneurship, management and leadership. He has started several businesses of his own, and has participated in the creation of sales and direct marketing strategies, and publicly traded turnarounds.